This section is dedicated to the Vietnam Air War and especially the Prisoners of War. This is a special collecting interest of mine because I was there and because many of my friends and colleagues were KIA, MIA or POW in air combat.

  • Prisoner of War - McGrath

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    McGrath, LtCmdr John M.  Prisoner of War - Six Years in Hanoi.  Annapolic, Naval Inst Press, 1975.  114pp, illus on each facing page with wonderful drawings by McGrath.  Onlong 9 x 6", dj, very good.  Inscribed and signed by McGrath on the front free end paper.  (Another w/o dj and not signed, $20)

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  • The Passing of the Night - Risner (SIGNED)

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    Risner, General Robbie.  The Passing of the Night - My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese.  New York, Ballantine, 1973 (4th prt 1992).  248pp, paperback, 5 x 8", good condition with normal wear.  Signed and inscribed by Risner in his later years with a shakey hand.  Very rare volume with BGen Risner's signature.  Risner is one of the most famous POW's and a key senior ranking officer in the camps.   

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  • Six Years in Hell - Jensen

    SKU: 17-V-00016

    Jensen, Lt.Col. Jay R.  Six Years in Hell, a returned POW views captivity, country and the nation's future.  Horizon Publ, Bountiful, Utah, 1974.  224pp, illus, dj (light ink scribbles), good condition.  Jensen was an F-105F "Wild Weasel" navigator flying out of Korat AB, Thailand when shot down south of Hanoi by a SAM in 1967.  Inscribed by Jensen on front end-paper.

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  • Escape From Laos - Dengler

    SKU: 17-V-00015

    Dengler, Dieter.  Escape From Laos.  San Rafael, CA, Presidio Press, 1979.  211pp, dj in mylar, very good.  Dengler was a USN pilot flying off the USS Ranger when he was shot down on his first mission over Laos.  Captured by the Pathet Lao in February 1966, he escaped five months later and was rescued by a USAF Jolly Green helicopter.  Dengler was awarded the Navy Cross but tragically committed suicide years later.  A griping story of escape and evasion!  (2)

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  • Yet Another Voice - Norman A. McDaniel

    SKU: 17-V-00014

    McDaniel, Norman A.  Yet Another Voice.  New York, Hawthorn Books, 1975.  114pp, dj in mylar, very good.  One of the rarest Vietnam POW books.  McDaniels was an RB-66 navigator at Tahkli AB, Thailand when he was shot down in 1966.  One of the few black POW's, McDaniels' deep faith is evident in his story and was a significant factor in his survival.

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  • In the Presence of Mine Enemies - Rutledge

    SKU: 17-V-00013

    Rutledge, Howard and Phyllis (with Mel and Lyla White).  In the Presence of Mine Enemies - Seven Years a POW in North Vietnam.  Old Tappan, NJ, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1973.  124pp, illus (many by fellow POW Gerald Coffee), dj in mylar, very good.  Seven years a POW, his wife spent five years not knowing and two more awaiting his return.  A powerful story of torture, love and persistence.

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  • Chained Eagle - Alvarez

    SKU: 17-V-00012

    Alvarez, Everett Jr. (with Anthony S. Pitch).  Chained Eagle - The True Heroic Story of Eight-And-One-Half Years as a POW by the First American Shot Down Over North Vietnam.  New York, Donald J. Fine, 1989.  308pp, illus, 6 x 9".  Very good in VG dj.  Letter from co-author Pitch inside front cover sending along an early copy to an interested journalist; also included is press release about the book's publication.  (Also another copy slightly small and likely a later printing, w/o letter, $15) 

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  • Into the Mouth of the Cat - Sijan Story

    SKU: 17-V-00011

    McConnell, Malcolm.  Into the Mouth of the Cat -  The Story of Lance Sijan, Hero of Vietnam.  New York, W.W. Norton, 1985.  253pp, very good in good dj.  Shot down in 1967, Sijan evaded for 6 weeks, was captured, escaped again, captured again and died two weeks later.  Sijan was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 1976.  Sijan Hall at the USAF Academy is named in his honor.  Uncommon biography.

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  • Escape from the Box - Hubbard

    SKU: 17-V-00010

    Hubbard, Col. Edward L.  Escape from the Box - The Wonder of Human Potential.  West Chester, PA, Praxis International, 1994.  160pp, illus, 6 x 9", dj.  Very good.  Inscribed by the author.  Shot down in 1966 while on an RB-66 mission, Hubbard's book is part narrative and part inspirational to support his motivational speaking career.

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  • Code Name "Bright Light" - Veith

    SKU: 17-V-00008

    Veith, George J.  Code Name Bright Light - The Untold Story of U.S. Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War.  New York, The Free Press, 1998.  408pp, illus, dj in mylar.  VG but large missing piece at top/back of dust jacket.  Little known story of the extensive, but largely unproductive, efforts to rescue U.S. POWs in Vietnam.  A must read for the Vietnam Air War history buff.

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