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  • Art Chester Wins Greve Trophy - 1939

    SKU: 22-P-150

     Vintage original press photo, 9x7", b&w.  This wonderful image shows (l. to r.) Art Chester, Mrs. Chester and L.W. Greve after Art won the Greve Race with a speed of 263.39 mph and earned $8,000.  Excellent. (Shopping cart not active for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $35.00
  • WWI Aviator Photo Album - 1918

    SKU: 22-P-128

     Very comprehensive album of Lt. Thomas E. Beck, US Air Service, with 84 b&w photos taken over the period March-November 1918 while he was at the School of Military Aeronautics, University of Texas, Austin and then in training at Taliaferro Field, Fort Worth.  Apparently he was also stationed at Norfolk, Virginia near the end of the war.  This is a very complete record including personnel, fellow students, crashes, aerial shots, gun camera footage, etc.  Many are annotated with location and date on the pages beneath the photos.  Some photos pasted in, others with corner mounts.  Generally about good plus. (Automatic shopping cart ordering not active for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.) 

    Price: $325.00
  • WWI Royal Naval Air Service Pilot Log - 1916/17

    SKU: 22-PILOT-4

     Original RNAS Pilot Log for Flt Sub-Lt. W.E. Foster.  Log begins with training in Aug 1916 and continues thru Sep 1917 with a total of 104 hr, 24 min.  Entries include crashes at sea, combat patrols with bombing, service in the East Med., submarine patrols, etc.  Included are two original photos of this pilot's aircraft and a small blue cloth insignia with white four-bladed prop.  Very good. (Shopping cart ordering not available.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)  SOLD

    Price: $0.00
  • Pioneer Aerial Mail Card (AAMC3a) - 1911

    SKU: 22-P-125

     Fancy pictorial card, 5.5x3.25", both sides pictured.  Flown and postmarked on Sep 27, 1911 during the famous International Aviation Meet in Garden City, New York.  Most mail is pretty plain but this card is very graphic and pictorial with a photo of the Moisant Monoplane.  About fair condition with edge bumps, and light folds (what to expect after 108 years of kicking around!)  Rare card of one of the very earliest airmail flights. (Automatic ordering not available.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $375.00
  • Amazing DH-4 Crash Photo Collection - circa 1920's

    SKU: 22-P-124

     A large group of 45, 4.5x3.5" b&w photos of crashed DH-4's (plus two smaller at 4.25x2.5"). Most are marked in ink or pencil on the reverse: "Brooks Field" and several have the names of the crashing pilots and observers!  Light remnants on old glue on the back. In general very good condition.  (Not eligible for shopping cart ordering.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $175.00
  • HGU-7P Vietnam-Era Pilot Helmet - circa 1967

    SKU: 22-UN-2

     Unusual USAF pilot hardhat, all electrics present including boom mike and oxygen mask.  This helmet, sometimes referred to as a FAC or "Polo" model, was only in use for several years and reportedly not very popular.  Various militaria forums show some controversy as to who wore this model; some say forward air controllers ((FACs), KC-135 refueling crews or maybe even C-130/C-141 pilots on combat air drops.  Very good condition.  Not often found complete with electrics and oxygen mask.  While not in service very long, this is a "must" in a helmet collection. (Shopping cart ordering not active for this item; inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $385.00
  • S.F. Cody Sales Brochure - 1912

    SKU: 21-CAT-205

     Original 7.5x10" catalog with red paper cover, 12pp, photo illus, along with original mailing envelope (unused).  Contents include Cody's War Kite (with Mrs. Cody on board!), Cody Model III and the Cody Monoplane.  Photos and specs abound. Unused, very good; staples have rusted, likely in the English weather.  Samuel F. Cody was a fascinating American character; a wild west performer, the first to fly an aeroplane in England and his funeral attracted 100,000 mourners. (Automatic ordering not available for the item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent) ON HOLD

    Price: $225.00
  • Early Chuck Yeager Photo - Inscribed

    SKU: 21-P-465

     8x10" b&w portrait of Chuck Yeager as an Air Force Captain.  He's a senior pilot with ribbons for the Silver Star, DFC and Bronze Star + more. Blue ink inscription: "To Ed Fruse with best regards.  Charles A. Yeager/Capt USAF".  Date might be 1951 because of a pencil annotation on the reverse.  Excellent and complete with a Yeager smirk!  (Automatic ordering not active on this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.)

    Price: $85.00
  • LeRhone/Gnome 7 cyl Engine Barometer - circa 1937

    SKU: 21-PRTS-30

     Wonderful cast metal painted barometer.  Diameter 12", 2.5" deep.  Likely a sales promotional item yet pretty expensive if a giveaway; more likely meant for dealer display.  Cast into the top banners are "Gnome" and "Rhone" and a bottom tab has a "K".  Original green, black and silver paint with some chipping.  Barometer may still be functional; glass face intact.  Wonderful "Golden Age" aero relic; unseen by me in over 50 years of collecting.  Fellow collector identified this as originally having a large prop at the center and later retrofitted with a barometer or clock.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.) 

    Price: $425.00
  • PBY Cruver WWII ID Model - 1943

    SKU: 21-PRTS-27

     Large Cruver model with 17" wingspan and length of 11".  Underneath wing molded text: "U.S.N. PBY-5" and "Cruver Hallmark/5-43These large models are seldom offered and this one is in very good condition.  (Automatic ordering not available for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)

    Price: $225.00