Zeppelin Officer's Hat - circa 1937


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Dark blue cloth garrison-type hat with black leatherette bill and leather chin strap. Wonderful badge with gold bullion leaves around central blue enamel globe having airship crossing, stylized eagle above and metal swastika below. When acquired, the hat came with a news clipping about Albert Sammt and the seller claimed this was one of Sammt's hats. Sammt began as crew on the airship Viktoria Luise in 1909. He ended his career as commander of Graf Zeppelin II from 1937 until its demolition in 1940. The hat emblem is in very good shape. The hat itself (about size 7 1/4) is only fair, interior beige cloth is about good. No makers marks or ownership inscription. The bill has some crazing and melting from a hot metallic object (top of bill) or from solvents (underside of bill). The side buttons holding the chin strap have an entwined anchor as with naval insignia; these might be replacements? A very desireable hat from an early German airship pioneer. (Contact me for ordering instructions)