WWII AAF Tech Order Lot - 6 misc camera related


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Original WWII AAF Tech Orders, aerial camera related: a) T.O. 10-10-54, Camera Equip General - Photographic Filter Units, 13 Sep 1945, 5pp, lists filters for different cameras b) T.O. 10-10-49/49A, Cameras - Installation of Gun Camera Control Box in Power Operated Turrets, 23 Jan 1945, 9pp c) T.O. 10-10A-9, Cameras - Installation of Camshaft Collar and Shutter Cam Stop Pin in K-20 and K-25 Aircraft Cameras, a8 Aug 1944, 3pp, illus. d) AN 10-10-18, Handbook of Instructions with Parts Catalog, Aircraft Camera Mount Type A-17A, Aug 20, 1943, 13pp, illus e) AN 10-10-44, Handbook of Instructions and Parts Catalog, Camera Mount Type A-15B, 254 Nov 1944, 76pp, illus f) T.O. 10-10-41, Service Instructions for Camera Lenses, 25 Sep 1945, 26pp, illus Very good or better condition, all marked "Restricted".