Vintage Photo of Stunt Parachutist Ruth Rutledge circa 1916


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Original sepia tone 6x8" photo of Ruth Rutledge from a press reference file. Dates on reverse are in 1918 and 1922. But my estimate is that this was taken in 1916. Ruth Rutledge is pictured in a news photo and article with T.T. Maroney in September 1916 in Maroney's aircraft at a Utah fair. Maroney would go aloft and Rutledge would parachute from a small passenger seat. Earlier in 1916 Maroney joined the Washington State Militia as a seaplane pilot and is seen in a photo with another woman in the cockpit of his Curtiss flying boat. My guess is that Ruth Rutledge is standing in this same aircraft in mid 1916 in the photo shown here. Excellent condition. (Partial refund of the automatic shipping cost will be made upon purchase)