USAF Pilot Checklist Collection - 1960s-80s


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A nice small collection of pilot checklists and inflight guides from the career of my dear friend and USAF Academy classmate Glenn Coleman: 1) In-flight guide for local area from Randolph AFB, T-28, March 1964, 2) Flight crew checklist, H-19 Helicopter, 1965, used at the USAF Helicopter School, Stead AFB, Reno, NV, in blue vinyl binder, 3) T-38 Inflight Guide, Randolph AFB, TX, ca. 1970, 4) Pilot Checklist, T-38A, 1970, with velcro leg straps for cockpit use, 5) Flight crew checklist, T-41C, Jan 1976, as used in cadet flight training at the USAF Academy, in blue vinyl binder, 6) Cessna 150M checklist as copied from owner's manual and in vinyl sleeves, 7) Cessna 172RG as copied from information manual and housed in blue USAF checklist binder, 8) ATC Flight Crew Checklist, T-28A, spiral bound, Nov 1964, used in primary training at Randolph AFB before entry to USAF Helicopter School (not pictured). Condition varies as expected with actual pilot used materials.