USAF Paratrooper Badges - Senior and Master circa 1956-1963


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A rare pair of short-lived US Air Force paratrooper badges in senior and master rates. These are the first version with 9 risers and the light blue enamel background. Both carry N.S. Meyer hallmarks on the reverse. These were introduced in 1956 but I can tell you from personal experience that no USAF officer or enlisted had any interest in wearing them. On a personal note, I completed the US Army Paratrooper School at Fort Benning in 1962 and I was proud to wear the Army Paratrooper Badge. We raised holy-hell when the USAF brass tried to force us to wear them and we prevailed. You go through the Army school and you are a qualified Army Paratrooper, not USAF! I have my issued USAF badge in the basic form but that is in my personal holdings. Very few qualified for the senior or master rates in the Air Force so these two are rather rare. Excellent condition. (Reference: Weingarten, Field Guide to US Paratrooper Badges) Price for the pair: