US Navy Enlisted Flight Order Paper Lot - 1918


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Personal papers of Chief Carpenter's Mate (CCM) Edward Stewart Tubbs.  Most interesting is a document (pictured) from Naval Air Station Pensacola entitled "Aviation Designation for Enlisted Men" states in part "...I have this day detailed the above named man for duty involving actual flying in aircraft, including dirigibles, and airplanes..." dated 9 Dec 1918 and signed by three superiors.  Also included in the paper lot are a recommendation letter from a USN Lt. for future employment of Tubbs  as a carpenter, a loan document from the Veteran's Bureau, a discharge document dated Feb 1919, a Treasury Life Insurance Document dated Feb 1918, a boat builder's test rating certificate dated Feb 1918 and a War Service Certificate recognizing Tubb's service from Dec 1917 to Feb 1919 and signed by a representative of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.  All documents have toning and various levels of folds and stains but all are very readable and authentic.