Transcontinental Flight Attempt - 1922


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Vintage original press photo, 10x8", b&w.  No press release but pencil annotation on reverse: "L to R, Master Sergeant Wm. F. Fitch, Staff Sergeant A.D Albrecht, Capt. Geo. W. McEntire, Major H.A. Strauss, Lieutenant Don L. Hutchins, Lieutenant O.H. Anderson.  In transcontinental flight."  Since I could find no record that this flight was successful, I can only assume something failed.  Stamped file date of 9/14/1922.  About fair-good condition; ragged upper margin and cropping ink lines at right and left edges.  Note that the three enlisted men and the major all have parachutes/seatbelt harnesses; they are likely the flight crew.  Some research should be done on this flight.