Seven NACA Reports on Airships, 1929-1932


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National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) technical reports on airships: 1) Report No. 204, Forces on Airships in Gusts, 1924, 8pp, 2) Report No. 333, Full-Scale Turning Characteristics of the USS Los Angeles, 1929, 14pp, 3) Report No. 318, Speed and Deceleration Trials of the USS Los Angeles, 1929, 20pp, 4) Peport No. 405, Application of Practical Hydrodynamics to Airship Design, 1931, 20pp, 5) Report No. 397, The Drag Characteristics of Several Airships Determined by Deceleration Tests, 1931, 15pp, 6) Report No. 394, Airship Model Tests in the Variable Density Wind Tunnel, 1931, 24pp, 7) Report No. 443, Pressure Distr. Measurements on the Hull and Fins of a 1/40th Scale Model of the U.S. Airship Akron, 1932, 15pp. Each report is 9 x 11.5" and is stamped "Office of Tech Assistant in Europe, Paris, France" and "Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College". All reports are very good. Price is for the lot of seven.