Rare Loening R-4 Racer Photo Lot - circa 1922


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Six glossy 8x10" photos of the ill-fated Loening R-4 designed for the Pulitzer Race in 1922. The aircraft was tested by the Army Air Service and plagued with flutter leading to structural cracks. Three of the photos are ground-based and three are of the aircraft in the air, likely during the Army test flights. One of the ground photos shows the engine running and a group of pilots/mechanics standing by. {Only the three ground photos are pictured here}. All of the photos carry the Wright Field broad arrow rubber stamp on the reverse. Generally good condition but several suffer from problems in the negative. Negative numbers are 15710/11/12(in the air) and 15714/15/16 (ground). A unique photo group of significance in the world of air races.