Pinkerton $20,000 Reward Broadside from 1874


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Small 6 x 12" broadside flyer for an unusually high reward of $20,000 for the return of a 4 year-old boy, abducted by two men on 1 July 1974.  The reward flyer was issued by Pinkerton's National Detective Agency in Philadelphia, 1 Sep 1874.  The boy is described and pictured at the top of the broadside and the two kidnappers are described in great detail below. The broadside is framed in a thin wooden frame; there is evidence of three (3) horizontal folds and one vertical fold.  Condition is about fair with one small brown stain top right and overall dusting; not examined outside the frame (affixed with finishing nails).  This is a very rare early Pinkerton reward poster!  Available for immediate shipping from Arizona.