Original Airship Roma Crash Photos - 1922


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Seven 8x6" and one 7x5" black & white photos {just two of the seven shown here} taken immediately after the crash and explosion of the Airship Roma near Langley Field on February 21, 1922. Thirty-three crew and passengers died in that accident, at that time the largest loss of life in an air disaster in U.S. history. One photo is an aerial shot of the gawkers with smoke still coming from the wreckage. Several others show rescuers removing bodies from the tangle of structure. The small photo is mis-labeled as a Graf Zeppelin crash in 1923. The Roma first flew in November 1921 but was re-fitted with Liberty engines and on it's first flight with new engines when the crash occured. Photos are all 1922 vintage and in very good condition. Likely some are unpublished.