The Official Aviation Guide [of the Airways]


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Published monthly by John R. Fletcher starting in 1929 and later by the Official Aviation Guide Company in 1930. All are 8x11", various pagination and in wrps with blue covers. Shows routes, timetables and prices for airlines and freight haulers of the time. As you might imagine, these were superceded each month and were likely to be thrown away. (If ordering single issues, inquire and an invoice will be sent). a. Vol 1, No. 1 (no date but early 1929). 22pp, illus with routes and logos, very good, 3-hole punched. $75 b. Same but with some moisture wrinkling, no punch holes. $45 c. Vol 2, No. 8, Nov 1930. 42pp, centerfold color route map of US routes, 3-hole punched, exc. $65 d. Sep 1931, 48pp, page 1/2 missing, cover ink name, else good. $25 e. Nov 1931, 48pp, page 1/2 missing, cover red pencil name, else good. $25 f. Vol 6, No. 3; June 1934, 52pp, very good. $45 g. Vol 9, No. 10, Jan 1938, 128 pp, good. $35 h. Vol 9, No. 11, Feb 1938, 128pp, good. $35 i. Vol 10, No. 5, Aug 1938, 132pp, good, Eastern Airlines stamp on front cover. $35 j. Vol 11, No. 1, Apr 1939, 130pp, cvr loose, fair. $20 Price below is for the lot of 10.