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The American Newcomen Society has a special interest in transportation history. These finely printed 6x9" booklets in wraps celebrate invited addresses by prominent American industrialists and leaders in civil aviation. Most are very good; a few have very light library surplus stamps. (Please order individual items through inquiry; online orders will not work. I will send invoice following your indication of interest. However, the entire lot may be ordered from this site) a. Douglas, Donald W. Wings for the World, the DC Family in Global Service. 1955,24pp. $7 b. Gardner, George E. First in New England Skies, 20th Anniversary Northeast Airlines. 1953, 24pp. $25 c. Maytag, L.B. Jr. Palmetto-Hopper, The History of National Airlines, Inc. 1963, 28pp. $15 d. Shea, Andrew B. Panagra, Linking the Americas during 25 Years. 1954, 24pp. $15 e. Mueller, Arthur E.A. Air Service for Main Street, U.S.A. (North Central Airlines) 1961, 24pp. $25 f. Beard, Chas. E. Thos E. Braniff (1883-1954), Southwest Pioneer in Air Transport. 1955, 32pp. $20 g. Damon, Ralph S. TWA, Nearly Three Decades in the Air. 1952, 32pp. $20 h. Peach, Robert E. Four-Seaters to Fan Jets, The Story of Mohawk Airlines, Inc. 1964, 32pp. $30 i. Six, Robert F. Continental Airlines, A Story of Growth. 1959, 24pp. $35 j. Hall, Floyd D. Sunrise at Eastern, Re-Birth of a Pioneer Airline. 1965, 32pp. $25 k. Patterson, William A. 25 Years Among the Stars, United Airlines 1926-1951. 1951, 24pp. $10 The price shown below is for the entire lot, including two duplicates.