NASA S.C.A.P.E. Suit, Back Pack and Boots - circa 1960


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Early Self-Contained Atmospheric Protection Ensemble or S.C.A.P.E. suit.  Complete with environmental backpack that connects to the suit's air handling hoses, and boots (size 13) that connect to suit legs.  The suit has a space-suit-like helmet with face shield and bold numbers "605" on the side.  These suits were used on the APOLLO missions and to fuel Titan II missiles.  Suit, backpack and boots all carry numerous NASA/govt stock numbers and/or data plates.  This set has been used and stored for many years; as a result, the interior of the backpack is incomplete/missing some connectors and the suit has deteriorating hoses and a corroded brass zipper. The boots are very good.  Amazingly, the suit material and helmet are also in very good condition.  The entire set would display very nicely on a full-size mannequin.  This lot is very heavy and will require extra shipping costs.