Important and Extensive Aviation Archive, WWI Eberts Field Documents - 1918


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Over 70 pages, all contained in a 3-ring binder and in vinyl sleeves, for Signal Corps Aviation Field, Lonoke, Arkansas for the period July - December 1918.  Eberts Field apparently had an Aviation Mechanics School and flight training for officers already commissioned but moving into the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps. Contents include the following:

* Lecture Notes, Enlisted Mechanics Training Department; Airplane Nomenclature, fabric and carpenter section, 10 pages.

* Figures for use with lecture notes in Aviation School, 5 pages.

* General Orders, Signal Corps Aviation School, Eberts Field, Lonoke, Arkansas for the period July - October 1918.  23 pages, mimeos and carbons including flight orders, engineering department directives.  Includes 3 copies of S.O.205 placing officers on flight status.

* Blank Forms such as application for pilot's license, physical exam, application for reserve officer status, disability application, pay voucher, etc.

* Handbook for Training Compass Officers, mimeo, 16 pages.  Shows how to swing the magnetic compass used in WWI aircraft.

* Equipment for Troops Ordered Overseas, 5 pages mimeo listing equipment issued to officers and enlisted.

* President's December 14, 1918 Order thanking troops for their WWI service, mimeo.

Condition of all about good to very good.  (See photos for a few examples)