Hubbell Prints - U.S. Army Air Forces - circa 1944 Calendar


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Thompson Products reprints of the Charles H. Hubbell paintings assumed from the 1944 calendar. These are a mint set of 12 - 16 x 13" color prints on heavy woven paper, exactly as seen in the calendar, along with the original issue glassine envelope. Each of the 12 prints depicts a famous WWII aircraft, both military and civilian, with a list of specifications below the title. I can only picture the first print here but the lot comprises the following: B-29 Superfortress; Vought-Sikorsky VS-44A Flying Boat; Curtiss-Wright C-46; Lockheed C-69 Constellation; Consolidated B-24 Liberator; Boeing 314 Clipper; Douglas C-54 Skymater; Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress; Martin XPB2M-IR Mars; Douglas C-47 Skytrain; Consolidated Coronado PB2Y-3; Boeing 307 Stratoliner (TWA).