Home with Honor - USAF POWs


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Special yearbook-like volume dedicated to returning US Air Force Vietnam POWs. Published by the 560th Flying Training Squadron, Randolph AFB, 1976 and sponsored by countless San Antonio business leaders. 120pp, leatherette covers, this volume has engraved brass gift plate to Gen R.E. Dougherty, commander of Strategic Air Command (SAC). This is a very rare and unusual volume that commemorates the "last flight" of those USAF pilots shot down in North Vietnam and returned in 1973. The Air Force did a classy thing by bringing the POWs to Randolph AFB to "complete their last flight during which they were shot down". Each page has a large photo of each POW and his Freedom Call Sign with their instructor pilot at the end of their T-38 flight, complete with a bottle of champagne, of course. A several page forward is a pictorial story of Operation Homecoming from the flight from Hanoi to freedom with families. At the end of the volume is a section on the first reunion of the 4th Allied POW Wing which included a visit by President Reagan. I have reason to believe these were printed in small numbers for the POWs, their T-38 pilots and a few important supporters.