H-19 USAF Helicopter Instructor's Binder


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Large 3-ring binder containing five (5) manuals used by a helicopter instructor in about 1965-67 in the USAF Helicopter School, Stead AFB, Reno, Nevada and Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas. These manuals are: Syllabus of Instruction (73pp), Flight Line H-19 Student Study Guide (79pp), Flight Line H-19 Instuctor-In-Training Guide (80pp), Flight Line H-19 Stage Briefing Guide (17 briefing outlines, about 150pp), and T.O. 1H-19-1 Flight Manual dated 1962. Intersting green cloth binder with hand-drawn pilot wings, a profile of an H-19 helicopter and the instructors name penned on front cover. All very good.