Goodyear Atomic Test Airship Lot w/Fabric - 1957


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Three items: 1) Copy of the newspaper "TheWingfoot Clan, Arizona Edition", Litchfield Park, Arizona, June 14, 1957, 6pp, photo on front of what is likely the ZSG-3/K-46, 2) 8x10" b&w photo of a Goodyear airship, again likely the ZSG-3, with rubber stamp on reverse from the USAF Lookout Mountain Laboratory, and 3) 2x4" silver envelope fabric with ink annotation on the front: "ZSG-3/K-46/Camp Mercury Nevada/1957.  As noted in Shock, James R. U.S. Navy Airships 1915-1962, p. 172-73, a ZSG-3 was moored during a nuclear test in 1957 and experienced extensive damage, especially to the envelope.  This is likely a piece of that very envelope.  A copy of the Shock volume pages is included with this lot. Newspaper about fair with one tear and edge bumps, photo has several light blue stains, fabric is very good.