Flight Manual, USAF CH-21B Helicopter - 1965


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Pilot Handbook, USAF T.O. 1H-21(C)B-1, 1 February 1965. Original manual for this Boeing Vertol "flying banana" helicopter. A single engine drove two three-bladed rotors, fore and aft, and I can personally attest to the fact that the rear rotor always tried to overtake the front one. This pesky machine was a wonderful instructor in the use of rudder pedals! I have about 20 hours in this one and that is much-too-much. This is an original manual in the rare red flexible binder and includes the divider tabs for each section. Approx 75 pages, very good, some underlining by the student pilot. Divider tabs are slightly separated with age. Again, from the personal collection of a Vietnam-era helicopter pilot and my flight classmate.