Flight Manual, HH-43B Kaman Helicopter - 1964


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Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1H-43(H)B-1, 18 February 1964. Approx 60pp, b&w and color illus, 9-hole punched and in the rare red leatherette binder. The original staple holds the pages together at the left margin indicating this manual was never really used and thus is in excellent condition. Here's another one that I learned to fly in early 1967 before my tour at Ubon, Thailand in Det 3, 38 ARRS and then a short stint at Danang during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Nice flying machine and an early jet turbine helicopter used for local base rescue, carrying two firefighters and a medic during combat missions. An unusual configuration; a syncopter with counter-rotating main rotors and no tail rotor. Blades were wood and not forgiving with a bird strike.