Famous Pilot "Sunny" Morgan Archive, 1918-1941


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Fantastic archive of documents and photos of Sumner "Sunny" Morgan, a well-known famous pilot who did much to advance aviation throughout Central America.  Sunny, born in 1899, started his aviation career with the Curtiss Motor & Airplane Company in 1918 and worked for them for three years.  He flew the airmail in 1921, bought and flew his own flying boar in New York City the next year and completed US Navy Officer training in 1923-24.  For the next 11 years he flew in Honduras for various customers including United Fruit and his own flying service.  In 1937 he returned to NYC to teach mechanics and then was personal pilot for General Somoza of Nicaragua 1937-1939.  He then did test piloting in Mexico, 1939-1941.  He flew the first airmail in Honduras on April 28, 1925.  This archive is extensive and has not been curated.  All items are in very good condition.  In general the contents include:

a) Approximately 110 photos, many on album pages

b) His 1927 pilot license, last will and testament, passport application,  airmen medical report, 5 letters of recommendation from 1918 through 1930's

c) Five original snapshots of Charles Lindbergh during his 1928 tour

d} Formal portrait of Morgan and signed/inscribed photo by what must be a girl friend

e) Various telegrams, PAA passenger list and permission to land, all in Central America

f) Misc unused envelopes and letterheads

g) Three 1924 photos of Morgan in the NYC Police Reserve {Aviation}

h) Large group photo of a Central American Air Force contingent

i) Misc postal covers, news clips, Morgan's business card, etc.