Fabulous and Historically Import Archive of Naval Aviation Pilot #3 - 1918 thru WWII


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Edwin Nirmaier was in the Navy's first Aeronautic Detachment which left for France in June 1917 to establish bases in Europe and twenty enlisted men took their flying training in France and remained in enlisted flying status.  This archive begins in 1918 with Nirmaier's log book, photographs, etc. and then continues through his WWII service, also as a pilot.  The wonderful items in this archive include:

* WWI log book with 362 flights (155 hours) in training at Tours and as instructor at Moutchic-Lacauau, France, July-Dec 1918 in Curtiss HS-1 flying boats; and 118 hours in Curtiss HS-2 and F-Boats at Pensacola, Jan 1919-Oct 1921. Approx 80 pages, all filled.

* National Aeronautic Association of U.S.A. Hydroairplane License No. 801 dated Oct 30, 1924 and signed by Orville Wright

* Photo album with 63 contact prints (4x5" and 4x6") from original negatives (included) of Nirmaier's career from 1917 to 1940.

* Notebook containing Nirmaier's WWII USN ID card, his 1927 and 1939 pilot licenses, a typed list of the 43 aircraft types and 10,264 flight hours from 1917 to 1951, and 70 5x7" photos (duplicates of the photo album above).

* Official U.S. Navy personnel records; his officer's jacket with 24 items related to his WWII service and an extensive file of documents related to his persistent efforts (successful!) to get back on active duty for WWII.

* Flight Magazine, Feb 1943, with a smiling Nirmaier on the cover with lead article inside and an article from The Wasp Nest, Aug 1944 detailing his fascinating flying career including seaplane duty out of Miami (rumored to include flying gang bosses to Cuba) and his lengthy duty as chief pilot to Powel Crosby, president of Crosley Radio and Cincinnati Reds owner.

* Wonderful two-page typed letter from Paul Garber, famous National Air and Space Museum curator, to Nirmaier detailing some information on early airmail service in which Nirmaier was a pilot.

All items are in very good condition; log book and FAI license worn with pages loose but complete.