Boeing P-12B Lot - 1930


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Fascinating lot of paperwork and photos relating to The Boeing School of Aeronautics (dated 13 June 1930), The American Model League of America and an outstanding model of the P-12B built by a young man from Oakland, California. The lot includes 1) A typed letter from the General Manager of the Boeing School to the Model League regarding the accuracy of the P-12B model, 2) A carbon of a typed letter in reply from teh League back to Boeing commenting on the wonderful nature of the model but regretting that it was submitted after the deadline, 3) Three 8x6" b&w photos of the model and the young builder next to the real P-12B (Boeing photos); each photo with a typed description on the reverse and 4) A very large 34x44" folded model plan of the P-12B from the Model League of America. Generally good-very good condition; some spliting at the folds of the model plan. Wow, do I ever wish I owned this model!