B-29 Pilot's Handbook for the B-29 - 1943


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(Commanding General, Army Air Forces).  T.O. NO.01-20EJ-1 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Model B-29. All pages marked "RESTRICTED", dated 20 June 1943.  In seven sections: 1) Description, 2) Pilot Operating Instructions, 3) Flight Operation Data, 4) Operation Equipment, 5) Ground Operation, 6) Flight Preparation, and 7) Special Instructions and Precautions.  Bound in a vintage fiber-board binder with screw posts along with seven other manuals: Three R-3350 engine operation/service/overhaul manuals, an autopilot C-1 manual, a flux gate compass manual, and electric prop manual and a visual inspection manual.  The entire book in about 2" thick!  Good original vintage condition with normal wear through the past 78 years.