B-24D Manual Set, Beautiful Condition - 1942


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Consolidated Aircraft Corporation 7-volume manual set in the original leather flight case.  Volumes are each hardcover in brown vinyl, 8.5x11", and embossed with titles and manufacturer's logo on the front.  Manuals are: Flight, Airplane General, Power Plant, Armament, Radio, Electricity and Hydraulics. Manuals carry the classification: Restricted.  In fancy gothic hand printing inside each manual is the name of the previous Army Air Corps owner, his military serial number and the book number.  Better than this, the leather case is in excellent condition, the only small flaw being the stitching on the inside flaps is coming loose but both flaps are present.  Even better, the original key to lock the case is also present.  I have had several of these over the last 40 years and this set is absolutely the best I have ever seen.  In way of price comparison, there is a set on ebay priced at $1500; this set is better and priced much lower.  (Very heavy set so additional shipping is required)