A Meticulous WWII RCAF Sgt Pilot Logbook - 1942-44


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A blue hardcover logbook for the complete training record of SGT Charles S. Bassett, serial number R154112, for the period Oct 19, 1942 to Nov 9, 1944.   31 pages meticulously filled in ink for 181 hours of flight school at Eugene, Ontario/Uplands, Ottawa, Ontario/Deseranto, Ontario and High River, Alberta. He flew the Fleet biplane, the Harvard, the Cornell and the Anson.  Pasted inside the front cover are two pages of endorsements for various instructional activities signed by Bassett and his examiners.  Inside the title page is a handwritten ink numbered list of 22 maneuvers he completed to get certified.  On each flight he annotated by number the maneuvers he practiced or on which he was tested.  In the back of the log is a one page listing of his 11.5 hours in the Link Trainer.  I have no idea what happened to Bassett after training but that should be researchable.  The log is well-worn and shakened ; the front hinge is nearly gone.  The cover corners are worn through and top/bottom of spine cover are torn.  Not surprising for a log that was well-used but treasured.  This item is immediately available for shipping from Arizona.