• Hubbell Thompson Products Print - Roscoe Turner Winning 1938 Race

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     Original Hubbell print by Thompson Products of Roscoe Turner winning the Thompson Trophy race on September 5, 1938.  15"w x 13"h, printed on heavy linen stock, very good condition, no flaws.

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  • Hubbell Thompson Products Print - Roscoe Turner Winning 1939

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     Original Hubbell print, 15"w x 13" h of Roscoe Turner crossing a pylon to win the 1939 Thompson Trophy race in the "Laird Special".  Very good contion; no flaws, circa 1940s.  Titled "Pylon Polisher"; Thompson Trophy image at the bottom center of print, surrounded by a collage of Thompson engine and accessory parts.

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  • Hubbell Thompson Products Print of Zeppelin L-5 (?) Destruction

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     Original Charles Hubbell print by Thompson Products as issued in the late 1930s - 1950s, largely in the famous Thompson calendars.  16.5"w by 12.5"h on linen stock; not a reproduction.  About good plus with two small closed edge tears right and left and a dusty lower left corner, neither in the image.  Subject is destruction of the L-5 by Lt. Warneford but accounts list this action against LZ-37 instead.  None the less, this is a dramatic print with details of the action printed in the lower margin.

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  • French Aviation Recruitment Poster - circa 1952

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     Colorful French poster, 25.5'w x 40"h.  Light on text, only: L'Armee de L'Air (Air Force) at the bottom.  French transport with three twin-tail fighters overhead.  Scrawly artist signature of Paul Lengelle (1908-1993) in the foliage lower right.
    Generally very good condition; thumb tack pin holes in corners with small chips.  Light stain upper left margin.   To my  knowledge, there are very few French aviation posters back to WWI except for the lovely air meet pieces pre-WWI.  Reportedly these posters were designed to instill faith in the French Air Force and to recruit young men into service.  I know of three posters in this series of which this is one and I have seen only one copy of each.

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  • WWI Cadillac Poster - Liberty Engine

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     Very rare 25x38" WWI poster from the Cadillac Motor Car Company.  No date or artist but the printer is Evan-Winter-Helb of Detroit.  Image is of a diving DeHaviland DH-4 firing its forward gun at the retreating Huns below.  I have this same poster in my personal collection and this is only the second one I have seen in 45 years of collecting.  Colors are bright; some minor edge tears and wrinkling as is common; a little soiling in upper left and a small 1" chip from upper right corner not affecting the image.  Needs to have some light cleaning and it should be linen mounted for preservation.

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  • Lindbergh Baby Reward Poster

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     Large broadside about 17x27", professionally framed and double matted to 23x33".  At the top is the reward information; below is the serial number list of $5, $10 and $20 bills paid in ransom.  Broadside was originally folded for mailing in a #10 envelope so coloring is found at creases.  Generally good condition.  On newsprint so it was not intended to be retained for long, thus just a few remain and appear infrequently at auctions.  A wonderful piece of Lindbergh memorabilia.  (Extra shipping costs necessary) ON HOLD

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  • Welch Aircraft OW-7M Blueprint - signed

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     Large 36x24" 3-view blueprint of the Welch OW-7M aircraft.  Only eight of these aircraft were built in the late 1930s.  This print is inscribed to aviation collector Hans Dam (deceased) by Drina Welch Abel, sister of Welch Aircraft founder Orin Welch, in 1983.  Orin Welch was a self-taught aeronautical designer and manufacturer who was dedicated to making a simple, safe and economical aircraft.  Orin was lost on March 13, 1943 while flying a mission over the "Hump" in support of the Allies in WWII.  Early production of the Welch aircraft began in Anderson, Indiana and this is an obscure and unique piece of Indiana aviation history.

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  • Frances Marsalis Death Poster

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     New York News poster advertising a headline story on the death and funeral of famous female pilot Frances Marsalis.  Marsalis was killed August 5, 1934 while rounding a pylon during a race at the National Women's Air Meet, Dayton, Ohio.  She was well-known as a fearless competitor in the air as a pilot and wingwalker who the previous year set a women's refueling endurance record with Helen Ritchey and then another with Louise Thaden.  The poster is 12x16.5", printed on heavy card stock and is in excellent condition.

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  • Six Ace Autographs in Robert Taylor Folio

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     Taylor, Robert and Robert Weston.  The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor.  Vanwell Publ Ltd., Ontario, Canada, 1987.  Oblong folio (15x11"0, 128pp, heavily illus with Taylor drawings and paintings in both b&w and color.  Very good.
    Autographed by six noteable aviators on the title page (Townsend and Kingaby also inside) during the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Symposium:  Dietrich HRABAK (18 victories), Peter Townsend (9 victories), Adolf Galland (104 victories), Guenther Rall (275 victories), Donald Kingaby (23 victories) and Hugh Dundas (4 destroyed, 6 shared). 

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  • WWII Poster - "careless matches aid the Axis"

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    Original Forest Service Poster, 18x25", GPO 1942.  Mint condition with typical folds; no faults.  Colors are vibrant.  Although today this would be considered a "racist" image, in 1942 this was a legitimate caricature to fire-up the US population.  Not often seen, particularly in this fine condition.  (bright spot in image is a light reflection) SOLD

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