• Advertising Poster/Will Rogers Image - circa 1970's

    SKU: 21-POST-46

     Large 11x15" poster for an insurance agency located at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati.  Likely was a calendar at one point but mounted on masonite long ago.  Two drilled holes at the top for hanging with a cord. Image is by George Young and titled at the bottom "Will Rogers...Friend of Aviation".  Very good; looks varnished with slight yellowing.

    Price: $45.00
  • High-Style Fashion Magazine Front Cover - 1917

    SKU: 21-POST-44

     Full-color matted 10x15" (with mat 14x18") front cover of the Designer Magazine, September 1917.  Excellent condition.  A wonderful decorator!

    Price: $45.00
  • Aviation Hall of Fame Milt Caniff Collectors Print Set #1 - 1978

    SKU: 21-POST 43

     Set of 8 -  8.5x11" b&w prints by famed artist Milton Caniff on heavy stock in the original envelope and with the original letter of transmittal. While only Amelia Earhart is shown here, the others are of Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright, William A. Patterson, Donald Douglas and Wiley Post.  Excellent

    Price: $50.00
    21-POST 43
  • Ryan M-1 Color Print - United Airlines Collector Series (1977)

    SKU: 21-P-109

     Original United Airlines print, 11x8.5" of the Ryan M-1 operated by Pacific Air Transport 1926-27.  PAT was a predecessor of United Airlines; only nine M-1's were built.  Print is accompanied by a book-mark sized description of the print with specifications of the M-1.  Good +, on heavy stock, some light toning at 3-hole acetate folder locations.

    Price: $15.00
  • Artist Rendering of Graf Zeppelin Over North Atlantic

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-109

     Unsigned and undated 8x10" photo of a painting of the Graf Zeppelin.  Excellent.

    Price: $10.00
  • The Early Birds Mural Brochure - Liquidometer Corp, 1953

    SKU: 20-POST-30

     4pp, illus, card covers tied with cord, 11x9".  Published in 1953 on the 50th anniversary of the first powered flight.  Interior two pages show the mural in color on one page and the facing page has a numbered map identifying all the aviators and aircraft pictured.  This mural was commissioned by Clarence deGriers in 1940 and resided in Liquidometer headquarters until 1955 at which time it was donated from place-to-place, eventually ending up at the Indiana Historical Society whre it is apparently being restored.  The artist, Justin Gruelle, is a well-known Indiana artist who was well known for his WPA work in the 1930's.  Brochure is very good; one small corner bump.

    Price: $25.00
  • Convair-Liner 340 Poster - circa 1956

    SKU: 20-AIR-31

     Color cut-a-way poster, 19.5x11", 4-fold, three-hole punched left margin.  About fair because of wrinkling in the right half, may iron out.  

    Price: $12.00
  • Color Print - Douglas Corrigan's Curtiss Robin

    SKU: 20-POST-29

     Commercial color profile print by Donald Art Co., 1962, printed in Holland.  8x10", on heavy card stock.  Reverse carries a rubber stamp from Art Publishers, Cincinnati.  Of course, this is the aircraft of the infamous "Wrong-Way Corrigan" who flew the Atlantic by "mistake?" and without the proper permissions.  Excellent condition.

    Price: $15.00
  • Original Pen & Ink Drawing - Fokker C-2

    SKU: 20-POST-28

    Appears to be an original drawing (or perhaps highlighted with ink) of the Fokker C-2 flown by Byrd, Balchen, Noville and Acosta in the third trans-Atlantic crossing in 1927.  12x8", signed "R Veen 1952".  About good +, partial crease across center (vertical) visible only on reverse.

    Price: $20.00
  • Army Newsmap - 1945

    SKU: 20-POST-27

     Huge poster 47x35" to relay war news to the troops.  This one distributed 4 June 1945 and reporting the news for the week of 22-29 May 1945.   One side shows maps of the various theaters of war at the time such as the B-29 bombing of Tokyo and Chinese victories over the Japanese forces.  The reverse is truly fascinating in that it relates the story of propaganda leaflets; why they are used, how they are deployed and how they work to get the enemy to surrender.  Another unknown-to-me-poster discovered!  Very good condition, folded like most.

    Price: $55.00