All are vintage photos; many are original press photos with press releases pasted to the reverse.

  • Civil War Balloon Print - Thaddeaus Lowe

    SKU: 16-P-00008

    1910 11x12" print from Photographic History of the Civil War published by Patriot Publishing Co., Springfield, Mass.  Photo is 8x10 and show hydrogen generators filling one of Lowe's balloons with Lowe in the far right of the picture.  Text below the print talks about the balloon's role in the war and Lowe's fame post-CW.  Very good condition; two additional prints (non-balloon) included.

    Price: $40.00
  • WWI Pilot Portrait Photo + 3 snapshots

    SKU: 16-P-00002

    WWI Pilot 3.5 x 5.5" photo signed "Here's Laughing With You - Jack McLaughlin".  High quality portrait of this handsome pilot with his leather helmet, goggles, sweater and leather coat.  Postcard format.  Signed boldly across his chest.  Included are three 2x3" snapshots of same pilot in cockpit of what appears to be a JN-4D.  Very good condition.

    Price: $45.00
  • Dealer Lot of 12 Early Aero Cards, circa 1910 - 1953

    SKU: 15-P-00024

    Diverse group of cards all the way from a 1910 Harvard Boston Aero Meet Trophy, Gordon Bennett race in Europe, Italian N. and S. American flight in 1930s, Transatlantic attempt 1930, 1911 Valentine, etc.   All very good, two mailed and others unused.  No individual sales. 

    Price: $90.00
  • Aero Meet Postcards (8) - 1910-1914

    SKU: 15-P-00023

    Four unused cards and four mailed.  All picture aviation exhibitions in cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, Waltham, MA, Trenton, NJ, Miami and Springfield, IL.  All very good save for corner rubs and one card chip at the top.  Dates are 1910 to 1914.  Price is for the lot of eight; no individual sales.

    Price: $75.00
  • WWI Aircraft Postcards/Photos (27)

    SKU: 15-P-00022

    Original 1917-18 postcards and photos (postcard size and smaller), all with WWI aircraft.  Many JN-4D "Jennies" but also some fighters.  One upside-down crashed Jenny and another showing badly mangled fighter (Vickers peeking out).  Nice dealer lot in very good condition overall (one card with some scribbles on reverse).  Total lot is 27 with about 23 postcards and the balance photos.  Price is for entire lot; no individual sales. 

    Price: $235.00
  • Flying Boat Cards/Photos (8) - circa 1917-1922

    SKU: 15-P-00021

     Five postcards and three original photos, seem to all be Curtiss machines.  Four postcards are unused and one was mailed from Hammondsport in 1921.  Condition all good-VG.  Price below is for the lot; no individual sales (too much monkey-business!)

    Price: $85.00
  • Three Unusual Cards - 1912-25

    SKU: 15-P-00020

    Three unique cards as follows from top illustration to bottom: (a) Rare 1912 postmarked French postcard with text on front regarding aviatrix Nancy Jarville. Addressed to Cincinnati, OH with German message. Very good. $30; (b) Berger Aviation Co. unused card showing an early Wright machine and pilot. Very good. $20; (c) Wingwalker Julian Boyer in this later color card (ca. 1940-50), not a postcard but produced by Minnesota Hist. Soc., text on reverse refers to this 1923 photo. $10 Price below is for the lot of three which will be modified if individual items pre-sold.

    Price: $45.00
  • Three 1910 Postcards

    SKU: 15-P-00019

    From top-to-bottom in the photo:  (a) Four vingnets: Farman, Cody in flight, Bleriot over the channel and Wright.  Oval of aviator in upper right corner, unused, $10;  (b) French Card, L'Aeroplane Farman, stamp on front with 1910 cancellation, unused on reverse.  $15; (c)  Spanish Card, SANTANDER, El aeroplane de Pombo, unused, ink "carda from Spain" on reverse. $10.  Condition very good.  Lot price below.  (Cards sold individually and lot price adjusted if any sold)

    Price: $25.00
  • Early Postcards (3) - 1911

    SKU: 15-P-00018

    Lot of three nice cards with aviators or airplanes identified.  From the top down:  (a)  Warner Airplane, Beloit, Wis.  Mailed from Beloit to Ohio, 1911.  Some light edge wear, about good +.  $25; (b)  Chavez in Flight (Bleriot Machine).  Orig British card, very good.  $25; (c)  Paulhan 5000 ft. Record Flight.  Text at top front of card reads "Paulhan in Farman Aeroplane breaking world's record for height (5000 feet), Aviation Week, January 10-20, 1910, Los Angeles, Cal".  Some album coloring on reverse, unused, else very good.  $20.  (Lot price is below and subject to no cards sold individually)

    Price: $60.00
  • Chicago 1911 International Air Meet Postcards (6)

    SKU: 15-P-00016

    Lovely set of six cards, 4 mailed and 2 unused.  Third card in first photo is postmarked 1914 and is not marked Chicago so it is likely from a early different air meet (also has a corner chip) but is a marvelous image.  Other five cards are all printed on the front for the air meet.  Mailed cards are postmarked 1911-1912. General condition is very good.  Price is for the lot only; cards not priced individually.

    Price: $110.00