All are vintage photos; many are original press photos with press releases pasted to the reverse.

  • Large Quentin Roosevelt Death Scene Photo

    SKU: 20-P-138

     Gruesome original photo (16x10") of Quentin Roosevelt (Pres T. Roosevelt's youngest son) lying beside his destroyed 95th Aero Sqdn Nieuport fighter.  This photo was reportedly taken by a German soldier who was severely chastised for his insensitivity. Small copyright text lower left reads: "c 1933 C.W. Field/Quentin Roosevelt - killed July 14, 1918"  Good condition, light soiling, coffee-like stain bottom left in the border but not affecting the image. 

    Price: $45.00
  • Original Waco CG-4A Glider Photo

    SKU: 20-CAT-33

     WWII-era 8x10" b&w photo. Pasted to the reverse is an extensive mimeo text with specs on the CG-4A.  Better yet, the reverse is stamped: "PLEASE RETURN/Property of Public Relations Department/Waco Aircraft Co., Troy, Ohio" .  Photo is very good, three-hole punched, likely for the Waco files.  Waco glider ephemera is very difficult to find.

    Price: $35.00
  • Original WWII Aviation Photos - Lot of 66

    SKU: 20-P-137

     A wonderful group of photos, all of aircraft with many having a pencil notation on the reverse: "Bari, Italy".  While these were likely taken by an amateur, they are professionally composed, sharper than my scan reveals, and there are no duplicates.  Aircraft represented are US, French and British; bombers, fighters, transports, observation, seaplanes, etc.  Size of each is 3x4.5".  They are moderately curled but otherwise excellent.  You see only 8 in the scan to the left but there are 66 total.  A real bargain at my price.

    Price: $85.00
  • WWI Royal Air Force Photo Album

    SKU: 20-P-136

     Hardcover photo album with 20 photos of aircraft, officers, hangars, barracks, etc.  An additional 13 photos, mostly of RAF officers and women golfing!  Photos are mostly 2.5x4", b & w, and are in a slip-in album of the period.  Ink name inside front cover is "Wm A. Rankin - Royal Air Force - London".  Front hinge loose, otherwise good condition.

    Price: $325.00
  • U.S. Navy Blimp Art Photograph

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-25

     Large 10.5x13.5", tasteful photo by C. Eggert.  B&W photo is mounted to card stock with official U.S. Navy rubber stamps on the reverse.  This photo project must have been sanctioned by the Navy.  The photo and its mount are matted to an overall size of 15x20".  Generally very good but with some light ink splatter to the right of the airship.

    Price: $65.00
  • Original Goodyear Defender Photo

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-17

     The "Defender" is one of the most famous of the Goodyear blimps.  This is an original B&W photo (likely 8x10), tastefully matted and ready for framing.  From the clothing of the ground crew around a portable mooring mast, I would date this photo to 1930's-40's.  The photo and matt appear to be excellent.  The original pencilled price on the reverse of $70 is lowered here.  (Shipped flat so postage may be higher)

    Price: $55.00
  • Monkeys in Space - 1962 NASA Balloon Flight Photo

    SKU: 20-S-1

     Press photo, b & w, 8x10".  Image of two monkeys inside a spherical balloon gondola.  Reverse has several press stamps and a pasted-on clipping of the AP wirephoto.  I believe this to be the Aug 1, 1962 NASA test using a 380' high balloon flying to 128,000 ft from Goose Bay, Labrador to Edmunton, Alberta.  Photo is very good; some toning on the reverse.  

    Price: $20.00
  • WWII Bomb Damage Photos

    SKU: 20-P-135

     Wonderful lot of 171 5x5" original aerial photos of bomb damage to German sites in WWII.  Each is serial numbered with the location in the negative (white on the positive).  All are taken from low altitude and seem to be taken from oblique angles (side of photo aircraft) with a wing seen in a few images.  Damages are to airfields, factories, towns, industrial sites, etc.  All are well-known, familiar locations and the damage is extreme.   My guess would be that these are damage assessment photos taken near the end of the war.

    Price: $265.00
  • Sanke Card - Gothaer Waggonfabrik Doppeldecker

    SKU: 20-P-133

     Un-numbered Sanke card; aircraft also has no markings.  Number in lower left corner is "1009", typical Sanke logo lower right.  Postally used as Feldpost from Potsdam to Hamburg on Sept 21, 1916. Very collectable, very good condition.

    Price: $35.00
  • Sanke Card No. 282 - Avro-Doppeldecker

    SKU: 20-P-132

     Lengthy title on front; unusual photo of the British Avro with German markings.  Postally used as Feldpost from Potsdam to Hamburg on Sept 22, 1916.  Very collectable; very good condition.

    Price: $35.00