All are vintage photos; many are original press photos with press releases pasted to the reverse.

  • Pioneer Air Service Aviator - 1929

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     Vdintage photo, 7.5x10", b&w, of Herbert A. Dargue.  Photo rubber stamp dated 5/3/1929 with pencil identification of Dargue on reverse.  Dargue was trained to fly by Frank Lahm in the Phillipines in 1911 and detailed to the aviation section in 1914.  Dargue was the first to use air-to-ground radio in 1914 and he flew with the 1st Aero Sqdn against Pancho Villa in 1916.  He reached the rank of MGen and was killed in an aircraft crash at the beginning of WWII.  Very good; cropping marks around Dargue's face.

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  • Western Air Express Pilot - 1929

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     Vintage photo, 7x10", b&w of George Rice in front of his Fokker F-10. Typed text on reverse says Rice is the Western Air Express pilot on the Los Angeles to Albuquerque route in 1929.  Very good.

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  • Giant German Aircraft Trials - 1931

    SKU: 22-P-136

     Vintage original press photo, 6.25x4.75". b&w.  Image is of the German G.38 with a Junkers Sport Plane under its wing.  Two press releases on the reverse, one German and the other an English translation.  Date of 11/9/1931 for trial flight and the press file stamp date is 1/30/1932.  Very good.

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  • Doherty Air Race Winner - 1933

    SKU: 22-P-135

     Vintage original press photo, 6x8", b&w.  Shows a handsome J. Heron Crossman, winner of $1000 in the handicap race from Daytona Beach to Miami, 1/7/1933.  Very good.

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  • Alluring Women's Air Race Trophy Model - 1929

    SKU: 22-P-134

     Vintage original press photo, 10x8". b&w.  Subject is Miss LoRita M. Bollinger, model for the Aerol Trophy, Women's National Air Derby, 1929.  Pilot of the aircraft is E.W. "Pop" Cleveland who will fly from Cleveland to Providence to pickup the Aerol Trophy from the Gorham Company.  Very good; press cropping lines as shown.

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  • Airplanes in Chinese War - 1924

    SKU: 22-P-133

     Vintage original press photo, 10x7.5", b&w.  Actual newsprint article w/photo pasted on the reverse with caption: "Modern equipment of the Chnese army includes a number of airplanes carrying machine guns, such as shown in the above photo, taken recently".  Typed date of Sept 5, 1924.  About good; photo album remnants in corners on the back and ink inscription in upper margin.

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  • Peruvian President Checks Out Machinegun - 1933

    SKU: 22-P-132

     Vintage original press photo, 9x6", b&w.  Press release on reverse speaks to General Sanchez Cerro checking out the gun in a Douglas observation aircraft he purchased.  Apparently the aircraft was instrumental in a clash with Columbia about the border town of Letichia.  Release is dated 2/4/1933.  Small chip missing lower right corner near a press monogram in the negative.  Else good +.

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  • American Airlines "Sleepers" in Flagship - 1936

    SKU: 22-P-131

     Vintage original press photo, 7x9", b&w.  Acme press release on reverse tells of these "motion picture beauties" trying out the berths in the gigantic (for the period) Super Douglas Transport.  Date is 5/1/1936; very good.  {Two available, one in gray-tone and one in sepia-tone}  Price for each; your choice:

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  • Air Ambulance Press Photo - 1932

    SKU: 22-P-130

     Original 7x9" b&w of Capt Wm. E. Sousa who transported an Air Corps enlisted man with a broken back from Chanute Field, Ill to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. Great period rendering of Sousa wearing goggles with extended eyepads, leather jacket and high-quality flight suit.  Acme press release pasted to reverse, dated 9/24/1932. One small corner chip in margin, else very good.

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  • Puerto Rico Press Photo - 1940

    SKU: 22-P-129

     Original vintage press photo, b&w, 9x7".  Subject is bombers of the 27th Reconnaissance Sqdn over San Juan during war games as part of their duties in protecting the Panama Canal.  Press release pasted to reverse from Acme News Pictures, dated 1-26-1940.  Very good.

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