• "The Case for the Super-Dirigible" in 1926 The World's Work

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     Litchfield, P.W.  The Case for the Super Dirigible. Doubleday, World's Work Journal, January 1926.  14pp, illus, extracted from the full journal.  Very good.

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  • Aerial Excursion of Madamoiselle Garnerin - Mechanics Magazine 1823

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     London Weekly, 16pp, illus with woodcut engravings, 5.5x8.5".  Contained in a red paper folder with typed cover label. The lead article (4pp) is summary of earlier balloon ascents and parachute drops as an entry to reporting on this young woman's exhibition in Paris.  Other articles in this issue are about the Perkin's Steam Engine, dyes and charcoals, focusing mirrors for burning, warehouse furnaces, etc.  Condition poor-fair because of stains, yet all pages are sound and very readable.

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  • La Technique Aeronautique - 1935

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     105pp + ads, illus, 7x10.5", wrps.  About 60pp of aircraft ID, 2-pages per aircraft.  One page has photo and 3-view, facing page lists characteristics. Some of the aircraft pictured are Breguet, Caudron, Farman, Latecoere, Salmson, etc.  French text.  Well worn but complete, about poor-fair.  Useful period reference.

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  • "Flight" Magazine (R101 Airship) - Oct 1929

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     34pp, 8.25x12", illus.  Central article "H.M. AIRSHIP R.101", 7 pp with photos.  Misc aviation news, supplement in the back with classifieds, wonderful full-page ads.  About fair, light cover soil, old label with "Airship R101" pasted on front cover.

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  • Curtiss-Wright Review (partial) - July 1930

    SKU: 20-CAT-87

     Vol 1, No. 4, 32pp but pages 3-4, 11-14, 19-20 missing.  Remaining has interesting articles: Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter (front page lead), two-page photo spread on the CW Exhibition Company, "Major Doolittle and Party Impress those Abroad", and a two-page photo spread "Women in Aviation/Women Who Sell Curtiss-Wright (10 portraits, most in flying garb).  Poor - Fair because of missing pages. 

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  • Vliegwerekl Magazine - June 1951

    SKU: 20-MAG-39

     32pp, 8x11.5", illus.  Aviation news, Paris Air Show Issue, lead 7 page article on the Fokker S.14 side-by-side jet trainer with winderful cutaway drawings.Good.

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  • Liberty Magazine - May 30, 1942

    SKU: 20-MAG-37

     58pp, illus, 8.5x11".  Color cover with painting of Gen Douglas MacArthur and lead article "MacArthur - Hero and Husband".  Much like a supermarket tabloid with many short stories targetted to women readers.  Very good.

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  • The Model Craftsman - August 1943

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     50pp, illus.  Sections on Railroads, Power Boats, Race Cars and Model Aircraft.  Plans for the "Streamliner"(tether airplane).  Good plus.

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  • The Model Craftsman - March 1947

    SKU: 20-MAG-34

     50pp, illus, sections on Railroads, Model Aircraft, Race Cars and Miscellaneous.  Plans for the "Powerhouse" (gas powered) and the "Deacon" (rubber band).  Good plus.

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  • OF MEN AND STARS, A History of Lockheed Aircraft Corp, Chapter II - Apr 1957

    SKU: 20-MAG-33

     16pp, illus, 8.5x11". The First Lockheeds: Box Kites, Barnstorming and Flying Boats. Covers the period 1909-1919.   A nice history in the early years right from the company that made it.  Good, 3-hole punched.

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