Gorgeous 1936 Photo Album

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 This is one of the most beautiful, fully documented aircraft albums from the "Golden Age of Aviation" I have ever owned!  Most pages have carefully lettered white explanations of aircraft type, registration, date and location of the photos.  The first page is dated 1934 and the Waco pictured is ..."the sport biplane in which Miss Harrell met her death Sunday August 6, 1934 while participating in the 50-mile free-for-all feature event at the Women's National Air Meet at Municipal Airport, Vandalia, O."Some of the other aircraft are the Waco Cabin YOG, Ryan ST, American Airlines Vultee, Stinson Gullwing, Waco YQC6, Lockheed 247, Grumman Gulfhawk and Buhl-Pup.  Locations are mostly Ohio at Lunken Airport, Vandalia, the Waco Co. at Troy and Watson Airport.  A total of 47 photos mostly 2.5x4.25" b&w/sepia tone, a very small number (2) loose in the album and not mounted.  Very good overall condition. (Automatic ordering not available on this item; inquire and an invoice will be sent). ON HOLD

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