Flight Manuals

  • CH-3 Operational Training Study Guide and Workbook - March 1967

    SKU: 19-PILOT-20

     Short 17pp guide, stapled and 3-hole punched.  Sections on Remote Area Operations, Performance Charts/Operating Limits, Weight adn Balance and Water Operations.  Designed with questions for the student pilot, fill-in-the-blank questions and spaces for calculations.  Frequent pencil annotations by an actual student pilot transitioning into the CH-3.  About good with useage markings.

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  • CH-3 Helicopter Student Study Guide Sheppard AFB- April 1967

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     Soft cover, stapled and 3-hole punched, 118pp.  Numerous sections on gound ops, pre-flight, night ops, remote area flight, hoist oeprations, instrument flight, etc.  Used by pilots transitioning to this famous helicopter prior to their tours in Vietnam and Thailand in Air Rescue and Special Operations during the Vietnam War.  Very good, lightly used.

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  • Flight Handbook, Navy Model FJ-2 - 1955

    SKU: 19-PILOT-11

     AN 01-60JKB-1, 1 March 1955, Chief Bureau of Aeronautics.  96pp, illus, 4 interim revisions in front.  Included loose inside are 10 documents related to a pilot in the US Naval Air Station Columbus, Ohio.  One is a 9-page completed and graded mimeo test for check-out in the F9F-6 aircraft (grade was 99%!)  About good condition, cover shows some rusting from binding.  A nice lot from a just-post-Korean War pilot in the Navy equivalent to the F-86.

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  • USAF Pilot Checklist Collection - 1960s-80s

    SKU: 19-PILOT-9

     A nice small collection of pilot checklists and inflight guides from the career of my dear friend and USAF Academy classmate Glenn Coleman: 1) In-flight guide for local area from Randolph AFB, T-28, March 1964, 2) Flight crew checklist, H-19 Helicopter, 1965, used at the USAF Helicopter School, Stead AFB, Reno, NV, in blue vinyl binder, 3) T-38 Inflight Guide, Randolph AFB, TX, ca. 1970, 4) Pilot Checklist, T-38A, 1970, with velcro leg straps for cockpit use, 5) Flight crew checklist, T-41C, Jan 1976, as used in cadet flight training at the USAF Academy, in blue vinyl binder, 6) Cessna 150M checklist as copied from owner's manual and in vinyl sleeves, 7) Cessna 172RG as copied from information manual and housed in blue USAF checklist binder, 8) ATC Flight Crew Checklist, T-28A, spiral bound, Nov 1964, used in primary training at Randolph AFB before entry to USAF Helicopter School (not pictured).  Condition varies as expected with actual pilot used materials.

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  • Cessna Cutlass 172RG Information Manual - 1980

    SKU: 19-PILOT-7

     Exact copy of the Pilot's Operating Handbook printed by Cessna; Cessna notice in the front states that the FAA does not recognize this as a substitute for the Pilot's Handbook!  Wichita, KS, Cessna Aircraft Company, 1 Jul 1979.  178pp plus 20 supplement sections (updates), 5.5x8.5", wrps.  All of the typical sections similar to a military manual.  Very good, some cover toning.

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  • Instrument Flying - 1968

    SKU: 19-PILOT-5

     AF Manual 51-37.  Instrument Flying.  Dept of the Air Force, GPO, 20 Jan 1966 (reprinted Dec 1968).  200pp, illus, wrps, 8.5x11", 3-hole, stapled.  Chapters include history, sensations, instruments, gyros, maneuvers, nav instruments, approaches, landings, etc.  A good basic manual for beginning instrument flight.  Excellent (unused).

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  • Original Pilot Flight Manual, Navy F9F-6/-6P - 1957

    SKU: 19-PILOT-2

    AN 01-85FGD-1, Flight Handbook, Navy Models F9F-6 and -6P Aircraft.  Basic manual dated 15 April 1956 with 6 revisions to 1957.  165 pp, illus, card covers, stapled and 5-hole punched.  Very good condition.  Well-known Grumman Cougar cold war single seat jet fighter.  A desireable fighter manual.

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  • Flight Manual, USAF T-38A - 1970

    SKU: 18-PILOT-00022

    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1T-38A-1, 1 March 1970.  Similar to the manual below, approx 80pp, illus, original 9-hole puched in the red leatherette binder.  The classic USAF advanced trainer flown by all USAF pilot trainees.  Very good.   

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  • Flight Manual, USAF T-38A - 1968

    SKU: 18-PILOT-00021

    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1T-38A-1, 1 March 1968.  Approx 70pp, illus, original 9-hole puched in the red leatherette binder.  The classic USAF advanced trainer flown by all USAF pilot trainees.  Very good with expected age-toning.  I remember my first flight transitioning from a 70 kt helicopter to a 500 kt jet; I took a breath at takeoff and exhaled at 10,000 ft.  Was I ever behind the aircraft!  Every pilot I know would like to have one of these for weekend jaunts.

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  • Flight Manual, USAF CH-3C, CH-3E, HH-3E Helicopters - 1967 (Combat-Used Copy)

    SKU: 18-PILOT-00020

    Pilot Handbook, T.O. 1H-3(C)C-1, 27 December 1967.  Approx 100 pp plus numerous supplements.  Included in the front are telex interim operational supplements on the KB-18 Strike Camera, the Rescue Hoist and the AM-146 Terrain Implantation Bomb (used to mine the Ho Chi Minh trail).  This manual differs from the 1965 version in that there are sections on armor plating and the M-60 machine gun mounts.  This is a Vietnam combat-used manual from a dear friend who flew this aircraft on black-ops missions by Task Force Alpha into Laos from Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand.  Housed in the desireable red leatherette 9-ring binder; very good condition.

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