Flight Manuals

  • TB-25 Checklist - 1955

    SKU: 21-PILOT-5

     Checklist used at Altus AFB, Oklahoma.  Pilot's name penned inside front cover.  Unfortunately pages 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 are missing.  Thus only fair but would make a good display piece, especially if you have the flight manual.

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  • UC-45J/RC-45J Flight Manual - 1967

    SKU: 21-PILOT-2

     NAVAIR 01-90CE-1 NATOPS Flight Manual.  Chief of Naval Operations, 15 Nov 1967.  119pp. illus, in original heavy card covers with screw posts.  Very good.  Nice manual for this classic Beechcraft twin engine utility aircraft, now 50 years old.

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  • T-34 Flight Manual, NAVAIR 01-90KDB-1 - 1967

    SKU: 21-PILOT-1

     Original pilot handbook for this famous trainer.  144pp + 16pp checklist copy.  Card covers, screwpost binding.  Covers have ink owner's marks and wrinkles; about fair.  Contents good +; a back page has a tape repair.  A "must" for the civilian owner of this nice aircraft.

    Price: $85.00
  • WWII Parachute Log, unused - 1943

    SKU: 20-PILOT-49

     A brand new, unused (no entires) parachute log, War Dept A.A.F. Form 46 as revised 5-1-43.  This small 2x3" booklet fit inside a pocket in every parachute.  It is a minature form in which the rigger would certify and date his packing and any necessary inspections completed.  This little form was checked regularly by "smart" pilots and airborne troops.

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  • Allison (GM) V-12 Operator's Manual WWII - 1943

    SKU: 20-PILOT-47

     Small (4x6") leatherette spiral bound pocket-sized manual.  138pp, illus, good sound condition.  

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  • Aeroprop (GM) Pilot's Information - 1942 (1st Edition)

    SKU: 20-PILOT-48

     Small ((4x6") sprial-bound notebook for the propeller on the P-39, WWII.  Black leatherette cover, 20pp, seven illus with P-39 picture, schematic of the constant speed prop, etc.  Last page has a stamped warning about the Espionage Act.  Good condition, no real flaws just a little soil and light wear. SOLD

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  • B-24 Flight Manual - Consolidated Vultee, 1943

    SKU: 20-PILOT-46

     Large hardcover, brown leatherette.  Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, 1943, 8.75 x 11.5", 263pp, illus., folding charts at the back, marked "Restricted" on front cover and all pages.  Stamped on first endpaper is "No B 3793"; a serial number that correlates to the aircraft this manual was shipped with.  Very good, essentially unused.

    Price: $125.00
  • WWII Army F-8 Erection and Maintenance Manual (partial) - 1944

    SKU: 20-PILOT-41

     T.O. No. 91-150JA-2, Erection and Maintenance Instructions for Army Model F-8 Airplane.  Marked "Restricted".  Partial manual (pp 1-12, 33-34, 39-40, 59-60, 77-78, 153-160) may be a revision or change notice but not marked as such.  Never the less, the included pages have many of the interesting illustrations such as cutaways of entire aircraft, packing and jacking diagrams, engine mounts, fuel systems, camera locations and two very detailed cockpit drawings. Very good.

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  • WWII Students' Manual - Advanced Single Engine Flying - circa 1944

    SKU: 20-PILOT-40

     Prepared by the Central Instructors School, Randolph Field, Texas.  82pp, illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  About fair - good condition.  Clearly based on the AT-6.  Covers all the standard manuevers as even I remember in pilot training mid-1960s.  Of great interest is the advice on the first two pages: "If you're going to be a fighter-pilot, Mister, you'd better take aim!  Your three aims: 1) Learn Maximum Performance Flying, 2) Become an Officer, 3) Kill the Enemy. "

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  • TM 9-227 - 20-MM Aircraft Gun - 1943

    SKU: 20-CAT-15

     Technical Manual for 20mm Automatic Gun M1 and 20mm Aircraft Automatic Gun An-M2, 1 June 1943.  136pp, illus, wrps, stamped "RESTRICTED" on front cover.  About good condition, light cover soil, contents sound with no marks.

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