Flight Manuals

  • WWI Royal Naval Air Service Pilot Log - 1916/17

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     Original RNAS Pilot Log for Flt Sub-Lt. W.E. Foster.  Log begins with training in Aug 1916 and continues thru Sep 1917 with a total of 104 hr, 24 min.  Entries include crashes at sea, combat patrols with bombing, service in the East Med., submarine patrols, etc.  Included are two original photos of this pilot's aircraft and a small blue cloth insignia with white four-bladed prop.  Very good. (Shopping cart ordering not available.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)  SOLD

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  • Bomber and Fighter Tactics in Combat - circa 1943

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     (Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence).  Tactics and Performance of American Army Air Bombardment and Enemy Fighter Interception, since 7 December 1941.  Washington, D.C., Office of the Asst Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence, n.d.  42pp, illus with paintings, wrps, 8.5x11", marked U.S. RESTRICTED.  Sections ihnclude Bombing, Early Days in SW Pacific, Bombardment in the Aleutians, The Battle of the Bismark Sea, Bombardment Operations in China, Air Bombardment in Burma, American Air Bombardment in the Middle East & North Africa, 8th Air Force in Europe, etc.  About good; some cover rubbing and corner bumps.  Also not found on any other book sale site worldwide.

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  • Identification and Tactical Functions of Aircraft - early WWII

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     (Sub-Dept of Aircraft Identification, AAF Pre-flight School, Maxwell AFB).  Indentification and Tactical Functions of Aircraft.  Mawell AFB, n.d.  89pp, illus with silhouettes and printed photos, 8.5x11", wrps, stapled.  Each Allied aircraft has two pages devoted to drawings and photos.  Initial few pages cover aircraft nomenclatue and differences in wing shape, engines, etc.  A rare manual not found listed in any other online book selling site worldwide.  Fair-good; covers lightly toned, soiled and bumped; some internal pencil notes. 

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  • TM 1-270, Aerial Gunnery Practice and Record Firing - 1942

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     (War Department).  Technical Manual TM 1-270, Aerial Gunnery Practice and Record Firing.  Washington, War Dept, May 7, 1942.  35pp, illus w/drawings, wrps, 5.5x8.5", 3-hole punched.  Very good.  Topics include proficiency, ammunition, training, ranges and safety, umpires, scoring, record firing.  

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  • TM 1-282, Tactics and Technique of Air Chemical Spraying - 1943

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     (War Department).  Technical Manual TM 1-282, Tactics and Technique of Air Chemical Spraying.  Washington, War Dept, Feb 27, 1943.  57pp, illus w/drawings and photos, wrps, 5.5x8.5".  Very good; rubber stamps and ink mark-outs on front page.  Topics include the employment of aerial smoke, tactical methods (including toxic chemical application) and crew precautions. 

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  • FM 1-10, Tactics and Technique of Air Attack - 1940

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     (Chief of the Air Corps). Air Corps Field Manual FM 1-10, Tactics and Technique of Air Attack.  Washington, GPO, 1940.  131pp, 12 folding charts, wrps, 4.5x7.5".  Very good.  Seldom seen manual published the year before Pearl Harbor.

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  • FM 1-5, Employment of Aviation of the Army - 1940

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     (Chief of the Air Corps).  Air Corps Field Manual FM 1-5, EMPLOYMENT OF AVIATION OF THE ARMY.  Washington, GPO, 1940.  51pp, wrps, illus, 4.5x7.25".  Topics include, mission, doctrine, combat air operations, bombardment, pursuit aviation, reconnaissance.  Very good condition.  A seldom-seen manual a year before Pearl Harbor.

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  • Cold War U.S. Air Force "Attack" Interceptor Computer/Manual - 1965

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     Complete circular computer, manual and original envelope.  Technical manual is T.O. 5N5-14-14-1, Type CPU-73/P, Air Navigation Attack Computer, 1 December 1965.  Manual is 36pp, illus, 8x8", stapled.  This computer was designed for Weapons Directors to assist air-to-air interceptor pilots in determining intercept parameters to shoot down enemy aircraft.  Computer is very large, 8" diameter and has a reverse side for drift calculations. Computer and manual are in very good/unused condition.  The envelope is split at top and bottom folds.  A seldom-seen Cold War artifact.

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  • WWII Aviation Cadet Manual Lot - 1941-43

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     Set of five manuals, reportedly the property of a WWII P-51 pilot and likely acquired in flight school.  In the photo from right-to-left: 1) TM 1-400, Theory of Flight, 1941; 2) TM 1-405, Aircraft Engines, 1941; 3) Civil Aeronautics Bulletin No. 24, Practical Air Navigation, 1945; 4) & 5) Civil Aeronautics Bulletin No. 25, Meteorology for Pilots, 1943/1940.  Varying conditions; average fair; these have kicked around for about 75 years.  The lot price reflects condition. 

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  • Waco Model E "Aristocrat" Instruction Manual

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     Circa 1939 combination pilot and maintenance manual for Model E's powered by Jacobs, P & W Wasp Junior or Lycoming engines.  Troy, Ohio; The Waco Aircraft Company, n.d..  18pp plus 5 large foldouts, 8.5x11" in a custom embossed leathette folder.  Various sections include "Warranty", "Starting and Runing", "Electrical Systems", etc.  Very good. 

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