Combat Reports

Listed here are very rare first person typed reports of aerial combat in WWI and WWII. In most cases these are addressed to higher headquarters, signed by the pilots and sometimes signed by by their commander or an intelligence officer. Some are original first copies, others are carbons on flimsies. Unusual and not often encountered.

  • WWI Combats in the Air - 1918

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     (Army Form W 3348).  Combats in the Air, 15 May 1918.  Reports on an encounter of 2ndLt J. Rudkin (Pilot) and 2ndLt J. Rudkin (Observer), 88 Squadron RAF flying a Bristol Fighter with three Albatross D-III.  Short form, 8x6.5", typed front and rear.  Signed by Maj R.T. Leather, 88 Squadron Commander.  About good; small staple holes upper left corner, one 1/8" hole center left.  These have become extremely rare and desirable.

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  • WWI Combats in the Air - 1918

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     (Army Form W 3348). Combats in the Air, 29 June 1918. Reports on an encounter of four RAF SE 5's of 28 Squadron with 11 Fokkers. Seven numbered paragraphs describing combat details. Although not listed on the front of the form, three victories are recorded on the summary on the reverse of the form: 1 confirmed out-of-control, 1 crashed and 1 in flames; pilots are listed for each. Also reported is a new type of marking on the Fokkers and a silvery-blue color. 8x13", punched for filing, very good vintage condition. These have become very rare and desirable.

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  • WWI Aviation Awards/Citations List - 1919

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     War Department News Bureau Release, February 14, 1919.  Two pages, stapled, original mimeograph announcing awards to individuals and squadrons to include the Lafayette Escadrille, 17th, 148th, 99th.  The text of the citation to the Lafayette is shown in the image at the left, bottom.  Listed by name and home town are "pilots and balloonists" receiving the French Croix de Guerre and the Italian Croce al Merito di Guerra.  Legal size, 8.5x14".  About good +, folded with one edge tear.

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  • WWI Royal Naval Air Service Pilot Log - 1916/17

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     Original RNAS Pilot Log for Flt Sub-Lt. W.E. Foster.  Log begins with training in Aug 1916 and continues thru Sep 1917 with a total of 104 hr, 24 min.  Entries include crashes at sea, combat patrols with bombing, service in the East Med., submarine patrols, etc.  Included are two original photos of this pilot's aircraft and a small blue cloth insignia with white four-bladed prop.  Very good. (Shopping cart ordering not available.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent)  SOLD

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  • WWI Royal Air Force Pilot Documents - 1918

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     RAF Army Book 439, "Officer's Record of Services" with sections for Promotion, Service, Regimental Employment and Mention in Dispatches.  Small 4x5.5" blue buckram folder with snap closure.  Named in ink to Ross Waller Moir but empty beyond the first page.  Accompanying is a F.S. Form 20, "Royal air Force Record of Flying Clothing Issued", also named to the same individual (with rank of Lt) and RAF stamped with 3 Sep 18 issue date.  Interior page with equipment listed is filled in, signed and dated 7 Dec 1918 with annotation "Handed in".  Useful list of WWI flying equipment actually issued to a WWI RAF pilot.  My guess is that he completed training but the war ended before he had a chance to serve.  Very good with normal wear.

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  • WWII Report on a Visit to RAF 137 Squadron - 6 Mar 1942

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     Typed copy (two sheets typed both sides), 8x10". Report of Hugh Scott on the use of Westland Whirlwinds by the squadron over a nine month period.  Sections on a) Pilots, b) Maintenance, c) Conclusion.  Very detailed assessment of the unit's problems.  Stapled and 2-hole punched.  Very good, usual age stains and bumps.

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  • WWII "Secret" Intelligence Narrative Teletype - 4 April 1945

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     From HQ Bomber Command to the Air Ministry, 10 Air Groups, all RAF bases and 3 Air Divisions.  Stamped "IMMEDIATE & SECRET" at the top and carries a file stamp from 223 Sq dated 6 Apr 1945.  Reports on attacks on Nordhausen, Lutzkendorf, Leuna, Harburg, Berlin and Magdeburg, also minelaying.  Attacks were made by Lancasters, Halifaxes and Mosquitoes.  Report also lists 17 aircraft missing.  Teletype is 8.25x25" (only about 14" shown in photo).  Very good.

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  • WWII Signals Office Teletype Intelligence Report - 1944

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     One page original teletype, 8.5x10", from Signals Office, RAF Mucdenham, HQ 3 Grp to HQ Bomber Command, 11 Dec 44.  Appears to be an intelligence post-strike report with sections on 1) Flak w/locations & heights, 2) Sinking ship w/lifeboats, 3) Submarine submerging, 4) Aircraft falling (two a/c blew up, one a/c with two engines out one side and firing flares).  Some ink annotations on this original teletype, about very good overall. 

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  • WWII British "Top Secret" Report on Radar Bombing - March 1944

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     Typewritten mimeo report on three 8x14" paper pages, both sides.  From the Operational Research Section (AEAF) titled "Radar Aids to the Bombing of 'Noball' Targets"., Report 9, Copy 39.  Each page marked "TOP SECRET".  The report assess possible damage by radar bombing using Mopsquitoes, Mitchells and Sterlings.  Apprndix A: "Calculation of Damage by Mosquitoes and Mitchells; Appendix B: "Calculation of Damage by Bomber Command Night Attacks".  Pages are stapled with a single punched hole nearby.  Generally good +.

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  • "Dambusters" Op Order - 1943

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     Modern Xerox copy of the May 16, 1943 operations order No. B976 for the famous Dambusters Raid by the RAF (6 pp), plus a two page statement by "Bomber" Harris on his WWII bombing strategy and a copy of Leonard Chesire's Memorial Service Tribute to Air Marshall Harold "Mick" Martin (4pp).  While a modern copy of these materials, they are historically significant and most interesting reading. On legal paper, two-sided, stapled.

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