WWI 95th Aero Sqdn Archive of Pilot Elmer G. Rhenstrom


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Fabulous archive of 1stLt Elmer G. Rhenstrom, pilot with two victories with the 95th Aero Squadron.  The archive includes:

* WWI Officer's Record Book w/aerial victories listed

* 1918 Embarkation Order, Dec 1918

* WWI AIC Flight Log (Instruction), 15:10 hrs, 22 landings, 5 pages

* 11 original orders: 95th Aero, 1st Pursuit Group, 3rd AIC, 2nd AIC, GHQ AEF

* Two post-WWI flight logs, 1924-1940, total time 4273 hours

* Silver star citation for WWI and photo of award ceremony

* Six WWI portraits, small snapshots to 8x10 formal portraits. Full uniform w/95th pin

* Five WWI snapshots; 10 photos post WWI to WWII

* 3rd AIC WWI Issoudun Officer's Mess Card, Aug 1918

* T.A.T. Pass, 1929; 1935 Dept of Commerce ID card

* News clips, approx. 20-25; WWII dog tag

* Death Certificate from President Lyndon Johnson

A remarkable archive in very good to excellent condition.  Not often opportunity to purchase a comprehensive package from a famous WWI flying squadron.  (See sample photos below)