B-52 Pilot Yoke from Unconfirmed Vietnam Victory over a MiG-21


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This is one of the most interesting pieces I have handled in many years.  This is a salvaged B-52 pilot's control yoke from a B-52 bomber headed for the Davis-Monthan AFB Bone Yard as rescued by an Air Force Master Sgt just before the aircraft was chopped up.  The unique aspect of this relic is that there was a red star painted below the cockpit, signifying a MiG kill by the tail gunner.  But there are only two confirmed victories by B-52 gunners and those aircraft are at the USAF Academy and Fairchild AFB.  However, there were many more unconfirmed victories that did not survive the victory boards at the bomber's base and at 7th Air Force.  What makes this special and deserves in-depth research is a signed-dated document from the Master Sgt and a copy of his school certificate at the time he removed the pilot's yoke from the aircraft!  The yoke is in relic condition; rough but complete (see images).  You will have great fun researching this one! (Comes complete with the statements from the MSgt)