Obsolete U.S. Air Force Parachute Badges - 1956 to 1963


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Set of rare 1.0" wide by about 1.25" wide clutch back enameled wings; Basic, Senior and Master Jump Wings (pins?!).  There is a very good reason these are obsolete and here's the story.  I completed parachute training in 1961 at Fort Benning while an Air Force Academy cadet.  I was then told to wear these wings on my USAF uniforms while I really wanted to wear the traditional Army Jump Wings.  All USAF personnel with the same background violently objected.  At long last, the Air Force caved in and authorized us to wear the Army badge...YAHOO.  Offered here is a complete set of the three which are quite rare because they were not in use for long and many threw them away.  All three carry the Vanguard hallmark, have appropriate patina and the two upper grades are sterling.  Very good condition.