Rare Goodyear-Zeppelin Award with Bourke-White Airship Akron Photo - 1931


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Large 26" wide by 20" high USS Akron duraluminum frame containing large 23x17" original photo by famous photo artist Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971).  Award plaque at the bottom (see image below) reads:



Third Annual Goodyear Dealers Zeppelin Race

July-August 1931


This frame is made of duraluminum used in girder

construction of the United States Airship "Akron"

built by the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation 

These special awards are quite rare; this is only the second I have owned in 50 years.  Condition is very good; photo has some emulsion excess in lower left corner only visible in oblique light.  Margaret Bourke-White's signature is in the lower right corner of the photo.  Even the backing cardboard is original.(Many of these awards have been altered to include replaced photos but not this one).