Manuscript of 20-Years of Worldwide Air Disasters


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A fascinating 130+ page typewritten chronological list of aviation crashes, 1919-1939 with a focus on the fate of airmail carried on the flights.  The last 6-pages is a List of Operating Companies of the Principal Airlines of the World.  Text appears to be the first carbon on onion skin paper.  The year appears on the first page of that year's compilation; in the left margin is a number relating to the order of crashes for that year along with a citation of where (in which news source) the crash was reported.  A typical entry is as follows:

F-3-19    April 20.  ST. DIDIER, FRANCE. A Breguet plane carrying mail                from Strasbourg to Paris fell near St. Didier.  Two of the crew,                  pilot Michel and observer Blanc, burned to death in the fire                      resulting from the crash, and a third was seriously injured.  The                mail carried was destroyed by fire.

This entry has citations in the left margin to the New York Times and one other unknown reference.  All onion skins are 8.5x11", three-hole punched, printed one side.  Very good vintage condition.