Incredibly Rare Autographed Document of WWI Ace Joseph Wehner, Frank Luke's Wingman -


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Large (12x17") and colorful U.S. passport issued on June 23, 1916 for travel to Denmark and Germany to Joseph F. Wehner and signed by him in four places, one across his photograph upper left.  The reverse of the passport carries numerous visa stamps.  Wehner befriended his 27th Aero Squadron comrade and Balloon Buster Frank Luke; they flew missions together and on 18 Sep 1918 Wehner was shot down and killed after he flamed his last balloon.  Wehner was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and recorded one aircraft and five balloon shot down to gain ace status.  Because of his short time in the war and his death several months before the Armistice, his signature is very rare.  In addition, this passport documents his travels throughout Europe until the U.S. declared war on Germany and Wehner returned home.  His German ancestry proved problematic and his patriotism was unfairly criticized during his service. This is a truly historic document.  Good and obviously used condition.  Professionally framed for display.