Fabulous WWI Royal Flying Corps Pilot Lot - one kill, 1915/16


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A very early and rare lot of papers and insignia belonging to 2nd Lt. William Austin Spratt, 20th Sq, Royal Flying Corps, flying FE2b's.   Lot includes: 1) Spratt's F.A.I. British Empire Aviators Certificate No. 2106 dated 26 Nov 1915, 6 pages, leather pocket size; 2) Military Pass to Brooklands Aerodrome dated 31 Dec 1915, 3x4.5", folded (Spratt took his flying instruction here); 3) Royal Flying Corps Graduation/Flight Orders (8x9", folded) dated 17 Feb 1916 stating that Spratt completed his flying instructions and was qualified for service; and 4) An RFC Cap badge and a set of two RFC collar badges, all with original pins.  Accompanying the papers is research in which Spratt and his observer claim a victory over a Fokker monoplane on 1 July 1916.  These documents from WWI, especially the pilot I.D. booklets, are extremely desirable but much more so for such an early war aviator.  All items exhibit normal age, folding and wear for being over 100 yrs old. Note: The date on the Aviator's Certificate appears to the 1915 but the "5" may be a "6"; it is difficult to read.  If so it was issued before Spratt graduated from flight school.