Important Report Allowing the Wright Flyer to be Returned to the U.S. - 1942


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Abbot, C.G.  The 1914 Tests of the Langley "Aerodrome".  Washington, Smithsonian Institution, Oct 24, 1942.  Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol 103, No.8.  14 pages, wrps, Sm 4to (6x9.5").  Very important publication whose story goes something like this: Smithsonian states that Langley's Aerodrome was the first aircraft capable of flight (not the Wright's), the Wright's sued Curtiss for patent infringement and won, the Smithsonian sends the Aerodrome to Curtiss who heavily modifies it and it flies.  Orville Wright is so upset that he sends the Wright Flyer to London; the Smithsonian wants it back in their museum.  Wright agrees to return it if the Smithsonian recants their Langley claims and publishes this booklet.  The booklet details point-by-point the modifications to the Aerodrome and the Smithsonian Secretary, on the last page, grovels and apologies to Orville Wright.  As a result of this booklet being published, the Wright Flyer returns to the Smithsonian...and we can see it today!  A wonderful read with a happy ending.  Excellent condition.