Large Art Print Folio, U.S. Military Aircraft, 1917-1934


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White, Tony (illus) and Charles W. Cain with introduction by Arch Whitehouse.  U.S. Military Aircraft, 1917 - 1934, Memorable Warplanes of the Early Years.  New York, Macmillan, 1970.  Printed in Italy.  Large folio, 19x14", loosely gathered to permit framing.  Twelve color prints of oil paintings of the Curtiss JN-4, Breguet 14, SPAD XIII, DH-4, Martin MB-2, MB-3A, Boeing PW-9, Boening P-12E, Curtiss P-6E, Keystone B-6A, Boeing P-26A and Martin B-10B.  Each print is on a separate page as is the facing page aircraft description, allowing each print to be individually framed.  Very good condition.  Would make a wonderful wall display when framed.