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High quality oak box, 8" W x 10" L x 4" H, having a 6" handle at one end.  Two hinged lids, the farthest from the handle contains white and black balls and a hole through which the balls are passed when a vote is cast. The lid nearest the handle, when opened, contains the votes; at the end of voting the lid is raised to reveal the balls.  Inside this box are 8 whites, 30 blacks and 4 square (unknown use).  When voting is over, there is a hinged door at the partition which can be opened to return the votes to the front section.  The inside of the box is lined in old, faded green velvet.  To me it looks to be 75 yrs old, or more.  A fascinating piece of early voting equipment.  See the images for better understanding.  Good-Very Good condition.